We are ODDLY DIGITAL, a WordPress website design and development agency that creates fast, expertly crafted websites

Getting a good website can be a real challenge.

There are so many options to choose from, so many variables to consider.

Design, user experience, SEO, accessibility, speed, security… Domain names, SSL certificates, hosting… Branding and logo design… Not to mention the all-important role of digital marketing: social media, copywriting, mailing lists, newsletters…

There’s a lot to deal with.

Unless you’re thinking of becoming a web designer you probably aren’t planning on doing this all yourself.

That’s where we come in.

Building beautiful websites for over a decade

We’re a London-based website agency and we’ve been doing this for a while. We started way back in 2011, working primarily on static, hand-coded HTML websites.

A screenshot of the Skin Care Campaign's website home page 2011.
Our first project, a website recovery build for the UK charity Skin Care Campaign. The previous web developers had abandoned the project mid-way through development.

This was an era of rapid change in the world of web development. Smartphones and high-definition displays were exploding in popularity. A brand-new demand had emerged for responsive websites that smartly adapted their layout to suit the size and type of device they were displayed on.

We successfully transformed numerous outdated websites into modern, responsive designs.

Clients were happy.

But we couldn’t rest.

We started getting requests for more powerful websites. Websites that could handle user-generated content, blog posts and news updates, online payments, multiple content editors. Websites that required a Content Management System.

We worked with a variety of different CMSs: Drupal, Joomla, WordPress. All had pros and cons, but only one had a clear advantage over all the others: WordPress (click here to find out why we use WordPress).

Over ten years later and we haven’t looked back.

We aim to be the only service provider you need for all your website needs.

What we can do for you

Our service offerings have expanded steadily, and we now offer a comprehensive range of website services to help you create, maintain, and grow your online presence. Our core services include:

  • Website Design and Development: We design and build custom WordPress websites that are fast, secure, and easy to use. We use the latest technologies and best practices to ensure your website is compatible with all devices and browsers. We also make sure your website is SEO-friendly and follows current web standards and accessibility guidelines. We tailor your website to your business objectives and target audience.
  • Ecommerce Website Design and Point of Sale System Integration: If you want to sell products or services online then you need an ecommerce website that can handle your transactions, inventory, and customers. We design and build fully-featured WooCommerce ecommerce websites tailored and customised to your business. We also integrate online payment systems, inventory management systems, and point of sale systems, so you can manage your online and offline sales seamlessly.
  • Incomplete Website Development: Has your website project been abandoned mid-way through development? Did you have to part ways with the previous developers because they were difficult to work with or weren’t the real deal? We can jump in and get your project back on track. We’ll assess the state of your project and give you an honest analysis of what needs doing and a roadmap to launch. Then we’ll get to work!
  • Website Redesigns: If your current website is outdated or underperforming, we can revitalise it with a fresh and modern redesign. We can also improve your website’s functionality, usability, and conversion rate. We can work with any WordPress theme or plugin or create a custom one for you.
  • Website Maintenance (WordPress Care Plans): We offer comprehensive fully managed maintenance plans to ensure your website is always up-to-date, secure, and performing optimally. No more worrying about updates, backups, performance, and troubleshooting – we do it all! We also offer regular reports and analytics to help you monitor and improve your website’s performance.
  • Fully Managed WordPress Website Hosting: We host your WordPress website on our own WordPress-optimised VPS servers. Our rock-solid servers provide a flawless experience for your website visitors, with fast loading times and maximum uptime. And when we say fully managed, we do mean fully managed! We handle everything from domain registration, SSL certificates, caching, CDN, and email accounts. We also provide 24/7 support and uptime monitoring to ensure your website is always online and running smoothly.
  • Hacked WordPress Website Recovery: If your WordPress website has been compromised by hackers, we can restore it to its normal state in record time. We will also harden your website’s security and advise you on best security practices to minimise the risk of another hack in future.
  • 24/7 Expert WordPress Support: Every project that we undertake is backed by our expert support and we take pride in delivering smart and efficient solutions to any problems that our clients may need help with. Our support services include email support, phone support, tailored website guides, and video tutorials.

This is just a taste of the range of website services we offer. If you’re after something specific that isn’t detailed above, then get in touch with us to find out how we can help you out.

Our clients

Although UK-based, we work with a wide range of clients worldwide, some from even as far afield as Australia. From independent artists to charities to book publishers, we love to collaborate with passionate and creative people. Every project is treated as if it were our own and we take great pride in exceeding client’s expectations.

Our approach is flexible. We adapt our strategies to suit the unique requirements of each client.

Whether you’re a small business or a large organisation, we have the skills and expertise to deliver the outstanding results you’re looking for.

What are you waiting for?

Are you ready to start your project? Get in touch today and let’s make it happen.

Got any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask.

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you.

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