Why you need a website care plan.

What is a website support plan and why do you need one for your WordPress website?

You’ve done it. You’ve just launched your brand-new website. Job done right? You can sit back, relax, and let your website do its thing….

Not quite. Unfortunately, the reality isn’t quite so straightforward. Websites are not static products, and the world wide web isn’t a stationary system. Rather, a website is a dynamic and evolving creation that requires constant care and maintenance. But just how much maintenance is required? And can you get by without? Let’s find out.


Why we use WordPress in 2023 (it isn’t for the reason you think)

If you’ve been thinking about starting a website you’ve probably heard of WordPress. It’s the most popular CMS (content management system) around, powering over 43% of all websites. That’s an incredible number and there are very good reasons for its success. Let’s explore what those reasons are and why we chose WordPress as the foundation of all our client’s projects.

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